• Sydney: "Again! Again!", breaking tense silence in airplane after near crash landing, Jan 2000

• Sydney: "We need more water for the human divider", Jan 2002

• Avyn: "I've been waiting my whole life for a costume like that!!!", pointing at his Halloween costume choice... a purple unicorn, 2003

• Sydney: "before you go into the room, just go easy on him. He feels really bad about the hole in the wall.", 2003

• Avyn: "I don't want to think. You tell me.", 2003

• Raj: "Cameron and Chris tried to teach the Hewey and Marquis cousins a thing or two about badminton. But, as is common with such an intense sport, emotions ran high.", July 2003

• Avyn: "Daddy! Get back in the doghouse! Mommy said that's where you belong today!", 2004

• Tammy: "I'm putting you all in a little box in the corner of my mind.", 2004

• Avyn: "Dad! DAD! DAAAAAAAAD!!! Are you sleeping?", 2004

• Avyn: "Oh no! Sydney! Dad says the Terminator is coming tomorrow to kill our pet ants!", 2003

• Avyn: (looking @ dirty truck),"He went to Camp Jeep too!", 2004

• Sydney: "Daddy, what's that?" (pointing at Avyn's anatomically correct toy horse). 2002

• Grandpa: "Why don't you jump with me on the trampoline?"
Avyn: "Because you're old", 2003

• Sydney: "Dad, will you help me with this queen ant I caught? It's yellow & black & has a stinger." 2004

• Avyn: "Dad, why do I always have to wait so long to get you out the door? I'm ready now!" 2004

• Avyn, trying to get Dad to sit on a little whoopee cushion: "Maybe you need a smaller butt." 2004

• Sydney: "Mom, when you work on your computer, it's like staring @ a wall all day." Tammy: "Yeah, but the wall talks back." 2004

• Tammy: "I cross-hooked a Cylon Centurian!". Drunken admission, New Year's eve 2004

• Avyn: "Dad, how come our house is so much messier than everyone else's?" 2005

• Avyn's Blankie: "Hospital Property. Do not remove." 2000

• Avyn: "Dad, how come you won't turn me into a duck?!" 2005

• Sydney: "That's Ironman! Don't change the station on Black Sabbath!" 2004

• Sydney: "Can we go to China? I want to see how they make all those toys!" 2005

• Sydney: "Mom got all British on me" 2005

• Avyn: "I'm in West Virginia with my Jeep! Watch me take this rock!", In Little Tykes car in backyard 2005

• Sydney: "Darn! I was hoping to bring home Bono!", responding to Raj's quip before Sydney and Tam head off to U2 concert, to not bring home any strange men. 2005.

• Avyn: "I'm so tired, I have a bobble head", 2005

• Avyn: "The Romanians are coming to visit Illinois - to see what it's like to live on another planet.", 2005

• Avyn: "Brooke lives in Penis, AZ", 2003

• Avyn: "Hey look! I see the Serious Tower", 2004

• Avyn: "I'm making Hadrian's Wall", working with magnetic blocks, 2005

• Avyn: "Is grass the Earth's hair? When we mow the grass, are we giving the Earth a haircut?", Sept. , 2005

• Avyn: "Dad, can we trick out our Jeep?", Nov. , 2005

• Avyn: "I'm bringing people to Mars", Playing trains, Nov. , 2005

• Avyn: "GOODBYE EVERYBODY IN MISSISSIPPI!!", At top of lungs as our plane takes off, Nov. , 2005

• Avyn: "Looks like the SnowMeiser won today", Dec. , 2005

• Sydney: "No Dad, not Raffi! Let me have the iPod. Let's see... Hand of Doom is on Paranoid, right?", Dec, 2005

• Raj: "Here comes Avyn with his teacher to put him in the car. Quick Sydney, turn off Ozzy and put on Baby Beluga", Dec. , 2005

• Tammy: "Yes, Raj, there is a light at the end of the tunnel... AND IT'S A TRAIN!", 2005

• Avyn: "Sydney, I know the 'F' word - It's "Fat".", Dec. , 2005

• Avyn: "Dad, wake up. Is it the 'crack of dawn' yet?", Jan. , 2006

• Sydney: "I enjoyed playing with the younger kids. Sometimes, I wish I was still young.", March 2006

• Avyn: "Sydney made a secret code, and I'm gonna help defile it.", June, 2006

• Raj: "Don't tell me you're too tired to walk. If I said there was free candy there, you would be running."
Avyn: "Can you put some free candy there?", June, 2006

• Sydney: "If Avyn tries to tell you that I punched him twice in the arm & pinched him, he's lying.", July 2006

• Sydney: Shouts down the aisle at Walgreens: "OK, I need Scotch tape, paper clips and rubbers!", August 2006

• Avyn: "My agenda hurts", Aug 2006

• Sydney: "Don't worry, it's not a real live one... because it's dead.", Aug 2006

• Sydney: "TV makes you smart! I was the only one who knew what a shrubbery was on the test, from Monty Python.", Sept 2006

• Avyn: "Do fire stations ever get fires? And what would they do?", Sept 2006

• Avyn, in living room: "Welcome aboard my train! Thanks for your ticket! This is also a time train! It can go anywhere in time!"
Raj: "Ooooh, can you take me 250 years into the future?"
Avyn: "You only paid to go to Elmhurst.", Oct 2006

• Tammy: "It isn't appropriate to act that way during Sunday dinner!"
Avyn: "What about Saturday?", Oct. 2006

• Avyn, to Dad: "C'mon, Master Slowregard.", Nov. 2006

• Raj: "I like late 70's British bass guitar", Nov 2006

• Avyn: (Tasting Dad's Orchata) "It's good. There's a bit of cinnamon. It's a familiar taste.", Nov 2006

• Sydney: "I LOVE TV", Dec 2006

• Sydney: "That is the only one in I-L-L I-N-I.", Dec 2006

• Avyn: "That's not a real Santa... The real Santa is at JC Penny.", Dec 2006

• Avyn: "She's the best mom I've ever had!", Dec 2006

• Sydney: "He's not a witch, he's a wardrobe.", Dec 2006

• Avyn: "Papa, in 17 years you'll be 100!", Christmas Eve Family dinner, 2006

• Tammy: "No, Avyn, that place is too expensive. We can only go there for a special occasion."
Avyn: "Like someone's birthday?"
Tammy: "Yes, that's right."
Avyn: "You know, Mom, it's someone's birthday EVERY DAY.", Nov, 2006

• Sydney: "The wire was dangling there like an old person.", Jan, 2007

• Sydney: "Seattle is playing the Daleks in football", Jan, 2007

• Raj: "You're working hard on that typewriter. I bet you're writing a good story."
Avyn: "I'm giving someone a bill.", Jan 2007

• Avyn: "It's finally snowing! Maybe Winter was just tired.", Jan 2007

• Avyn: "Dad! Look at my balls!", top of his lungs at Fuddruckers, holding 2 superballs he just won. Jan 2007

• Raj (very sick. Tammy out of town): "Thanks, Sydney for making me toast and taking care of me."
Sydney: "Well, you know, I am the lady of the house tonight, and the girls in this family have to do these sorts of things.", Feb 5 2007

• Sydney: "And that gray hair is from me pulling out one of your other gray hairs...", Feb, 2007

• Avyn: "Look! A cloud factory!", Looking at smokestacks of a power plant, Feb 2005

• Avyn: "I miss U....tah.", to Mom after ski trip, Feb 2007

• Sydney: "Avyn, come help with the TV. Mom's torturing me with Dave Matthews again." Feb, 2007

• Avyn: "I should have been born in France because I can burp so much!", March, 2007

• Sydney: "Spock.", when asked what to name the new baby, both boy and girl names. June, 2000

• Avyn: "Mom! Focus!", March 2007

• Avyn: "God's gotta turn on his radiator!", April, 2007

• Sydney: "The muffin spirit made Vincent Van Gough crazy.", April 2007

• Tammy: "Raj is going first, right?", just before skydiving, May 2006

• Avyn: "When I'm 8 can I have a motorcycle?", at Edinburgh Tattoo, Aug 2005

• Avyn: "You gotta get your own fun.", May 2007

• Sydney: "France, Italy, all the same thing.", May 2007

• Sydney: "I guess old people can't do it.", to Raj trying to get into yoga position., May 2007

• Tammy: "You're gonna force me to go to the car and get my own damn iPod.", Snooker room at Goodyear's, Aug 2005

• Avyn: "Maybe there's something wrong with the mirror.", family conversation about how we see ourselves more harshly in the mirror than how others see us, June 2007

• Avyn: "Happy birthday, mom! I made you this card and drew you this cake, but there wasn't enough room to draw all the candles.", May 2007

• Avyn: "What's 'strict'?", June 2007

• Soccer Coach Bob: "No, Avyn, you can't be goalie. There are no subs for you today. Now get back on offense.", June 2007

• Avyn: "What Hot Wheels case?", After Raj tells the story of holding his favorite childhood toy for 27 years and 17 home moves until he gave it to his son, June 2007

• Avyn: "Sydney, he lost a boob!", looking at a happy meal toy sticker, June 2007

• Raj: "The funk's so rubber!", singing along to Fatboy Slim's Rockefeller Skank, June 2007

• Avyn: "I'm digging a hole for me to live in.", at park sandbox, July 2007

• Sydney: "Can I have that Motza ball?" Looking at a piece of mozzarella, Aug 2007

• Tammy: "Hey, kids, no arguing while Dave Matthews is playing!", Aug 2007

• Sydney: "No Avyn, those things on the cow are actually called rudders.", Aug 2007

• Raj: "Sydney! That music is loud!!"
Sydney: "I know...", Aug, 2007

• Tammy: "Nobody could have that much gas."
Avyn: "Sydney could.", Aug 2007

• Sydney: "No! I swear I didn't call Avyn stupid... I called him an idiot.", Aug, 2007

• Sydney: "Commencing countdown... One! Boom", Aug, 2007

• Sydney: "I LOVE technology!", Oct 2007

• Sydney: "Yeah, sure Dad, you're young... Compared to Great Grandpa or a long-lived tortoise.", Nov 2007

• Avyn: "Sydney, put on your mood ring. I want to see it change.", as she stormed away angry, Dec, 2007

• Avyn: "Why did they put all those babies for sale?", looking at picture of a hospital maternity ward, Dec 2007

• Avyn: "I don't want to waste time. I want to watch TV instead.", Dec 2007

• Sydney: "Why are they giving away children!?", after seeing ad in magazine declaring "1 Child Free", Dec , 2007

• Sydney: "Thank you for being so tall", Dec 2007

• Tammy: "Turn off Carouselambra! I like my Led Zeppelin hard.", Dec, 2007

• Avyn: "When is the real dinner ready?", After finishing three course Italian Christmas dinner, Dec 2007

• Avyn: "What's an album?", Jan 2008

• Sydney: "Right, Avyn. I drew those penguins to be Mom & Dad. The less ugly one is Mom.", Feb 2008

• Sydney: "Mom, Dad, I made these for you. This one is for Dad. It isn't quite right.", Feb 2008

• Avyn: "Dad, we need to buy a kiln.", Feb 2008

• Avyn: "I'm OK!", Nearly daily from 2005 on...

• Raj: "Ow! You bit my butt!"
Sydney: "Well, it was a really big target!", During a race up stairs, March 2008

• Tammy: "This family needs more class."
Raj: "We're almost there. All we need is the 'C' and the 'L'.", March, 2008

• Avyn: "The singer for Led Zeppelin is Rubber Plant.", March, 2008

• Sydney, holding Avyn's earlobe: "This is a test of your patience and stupidity. The more you pull, the more it hurts.", March 2008

• Raj in car at 8:30: "Avyn, don't ask again when we'll get there until that clock says 9:45..."
Avyn after a few minutes: "How much longer until 9:45?", April 2008

• Tammy: "Victrola", name for Raj, June 2007

• Avyn yelling at Sydney: "I believe in Santa, God and the Tooth Fairy!", Feb 2006

• Sydney: "Andrew was coming at me with a plastic sword! The bunny was the only thing I could use for ammo.", 2005

• Avyn, at kitchen showroom, "Are we gonna buy a kitchen and take it home?", April 2008

• Sydney: "My school report will be good. I included fun facts. Everyone loves fun facts!", May, 2008

• Tammy: "I'm going to smell your pits!", encouraging Sydney to do a good job in the shower, May 2008

• Avyn: "I wish the bunny's brain was in her butt, then she would have a much bigger brain." June, 2008

• Avyn: "Sydiot", nickname he created for Sydney, June 2008

• Sydney: "Let's just say, sometimes I get a little crazy with the hot glue gun...", June, 2008

• Avyn: "Sorry-O!", After breaking a Cheerio against Mom's while they were saying Cheerio, August 2003

• Sydney: "I can't wait until I'm a teenager. I'm going to keep gum in my pocket all the time, and eat ice cream and pizza whenever I want!", June, 2008

• Avyn: "Wait. Isn't a Hill Billy a goat?", July, 2008

• Avyn: "All the people look like nematodes." walking thru the Chicago fireworks crowd, July 2008

• Avyn: "Flowers would die in there.", leaving bathroom, July 2008

• Tammy: "If the quotebook were here, that would be in it!", July 2008

• Avyn, to Sydney, in Charles Dickensesque voice, "Could I please have a tiny bit of your muffin... for your dear old brother.", July 2008

• Avyn: "I love desert, Dad, & you're the main course of it.", July, 2008

• Sydney: "Off with your buttocks!", chasing Avyn with sword, Aug 2008

• Avyn: "I'm so full! I can't eat another bite... NOW can we go for ice cream?", Aug 2008

• Raj: "Honey, I think your bathing suit is on fire.", at a campfire in Yellowstone, Aug 2008

• Tammy: "I have a splinter in my butt!", camping in Yellowstone, Aug 2008

• Avyn: "Oohh. My stomache is on E.", Aug 2008

• Sydney: "Garbage is not good. I do not like garbage.", Sept, 2008

• Avyn: "Dad, is that you who smells like dead cucumbers?"
Raj: "No, Avyn, that's Mom's feet.", October, 2008

• Tammy: "I thought he had been injured.", describing Avyn burping, Nov 2008

• Avyn: "I'm glad I'm not an 1880's person.", Nov 2008

• Avyn: "Hey, Sydney, shine your buck teeth over here!", Dec 2008

• Sydney: "The buffalo digging for food in the snow with their beards is exactly like us rummaging thru the fridge with our hands for left-overs", Dec 2008

• Avyn: "Santa always gives gifts. Even coal can turn into a diamond.", Dec 2008

• Tammy: "Only you would have an 'Historical' genre in your iPod.", to Raj, Jan 2009

• Sydney: "Don't bring me into your charade of oldness.", to Dad, Jan 2009

• Tammy: "You can never have too much fun with liquid Nitrogen.", Jan 2009

• Avyn: "That's not funny, Dad. You don't make good comedy.", Jan 2009

• Sydney: "I don't care. I just want to blow something up.", Discussing Science Fair ideas, Jan 2009

• Raj: "Sometimes, the technically correct answer is not the right answer.", 1998

• Raj: "Don't polish the gem in front of the customer.", 1998

• Tammy, "When the economy sours, buy the lemons at half price." March 2009

• Raj, untying Avyn's shoes from the chandelier: "Really Sydney? a 'leprechaun' did this?", March 2009

• Avyn: "What does 'Definition' mean?", May 2009

• Sydney: "You look like an oversized walrus with a big head.", looking at Raj's baby picture, May 2009

• Sydney: "I would give this place five and a billion stars.", May 2009

• Sydney: "What's 'modesty'?", May 2009

• Dr. Jason (Psychologist friend): "While another girl her age may choose to live very much 'in the box', Sydney is in an octagon with four sliding glass doors.", Feb, 2009

• Sydney: "I found $10 cleaning my room. It's like a gold mine in there!", May 2009

• Tammy: "I will NEVER drink Tequila again!", May 2009
• Tammy: "I will NEVER drink Tequila again!", February 2012

• Avyn: "Dad, the bunny only likes you because you are brown and salty." May 2009

• Avyn: "Give me five good reasons why I shouldn't do that!", June 2009

• Sydney: "Everything looks better with horns.", July 2009

• Avyn: (referring to Sydney perking up and getting rambunctious) "I liked it better when she was sick.", July 2009

• Raj: "Don't protest against something you hate. Protest for something you love.", 1997

• Raj: "I'm going to live each day as if I just survived a near death experience yesterday.", July 2009

• Avyn: "Is that another one of your Old Dude sayings?", July 2009

• Sydney: "No, Dad, I'm not starting a fight! I'm just poking him with a stick.", August 2009

• Avyn: "Dad, if you were packaged in a box, you would be the best gift ever.", August 2009

• Avyn: "Mom, do we have to go to school this year?", August, 2009

• Avyn: "How come we have to write so many checks for school registration, when it's a public school, and we pay taxes?", August 2009

• Avyn, cold in Culvers, "I feel like I've been tased by an ice machine.", August 2009

• Sydney (Hits Tammy on head, who is trying to wake Sydney up in the morning): "Snooze!", September, 2009

• Tammy: "I have to take a test on commercial essentials."
Sydney: "Oh, I'm good at commercials!", August, 2009

• Tammy: "There are people in my address book I haven't spoken to in years."
Raj: "There are dead people in my address book.", September, 2009

• Sydney (smelling armpits in the car): "Oh no! Dad smells good! It's me!", December, 2009

• Sydney: "You guys are my hoodies!", October, 2009

• Sydney : "If we had a goat, we wouldn't have to mow the lawn." 2001

• Raj: "Is that glittery unicorn doll in a tutu REALLY supposed to be in Avyn's bed?", Sydney: "Yes, it is.", October, 2009

• Sydney: "Wait, he's left-handed? I thought only Bret was left-handed.", October, 2009

• Avyn (watching Toy Story): "If he's Woody, why isn't Buzz called Plasticky?", October, 2009

• Raj: "See, Sydney, that's why you're not a god. If people annoyed you even just a little, you would smite them.", October 2009

• Sydney: "I Nirvana'ed your Bon Jovi.", November 2009

• Avyn: "That's a childhood memory, Father!", November 2009

• Avyn: "Do I HAVE to be religious?", November 2009

• Sydney (Biting Raj's arm): "Mmmm, dark meat.", November 2009

• Sydney: "No one grows that kind of facial hair unless they are already married.", December 2009

• Raj: "Settle down back there, kids, or I'll subject you to Canadian rap music again!", December 2009

• Sydney (answering Avyn's question about her Wii character in front of his house in Animal Crossing): "No, I didn't. I'm just an innocent bystander... standing next to the tree... with an axe...", December 2009

• Tammy: "You're not qualified to hold Eddie Van Halen's jockstrap!", January 2010

• Avyn: "All I want to do is break a law of science, and Dad is making it seem like it's so hard to do!", February 2010

• Avyn: "I spy something black." Sydney: "Your heart.", February 2010

• Raj (angrily over dinner): "Freakin' Vikings extended the Dark Ages!", March 2010

• Sydney's name for Raj: "Fat - her" 2010

• Sydney: "It's really hard to make arm farts with someone else's hand." March 2010

• Sydney to Raj: "Hey, don't complain. I'm the best thing that's happened to you since Momma!" March 2010

• Sydney: "Mom, you're my Google.", May 2010

• Sydney: "Why can't we live in a nudist colony?", May 2010

• Tammy: "Man, Bono wrote those lyrics when he was 20! I didn't have deep thoughts at 20... I still don't.", May 2010

• Sydney: "The party doesn't start until I arrive.", June 2010

• Raj: "Come back to reality, Sydney. It won't be so bad. You like visiting new places.", June 2010

• Sydney (near the end of a chess game against Tammy): "Ooooohhhh, THAT's the queen?", June 2010

• Avyn: "Slugbug Silver!... Eh, I'll hit you later.", June 2010

• Sydney (to Raj as he stops her from drawing any more at bedtime): "You're the Grim Reaper of art!" June 2010

• Raj: "How remarkable it is that we are overjoyed at the unremarkable simplicity of our complicated world.", June 2010

• Sydney: "Turdis", Nickname for new puppy (play on Doctor Who TARDIS, which is bigger on the inside than the outside). September 2010

• Raj: "No, kids, I will not give you a dollar to play beer pong!", October 2010

• Avyn at last day of Dairy Queen for the season: "How do you eat that without dying of deliciousness?!", Oct 2010

• Raj: "Septipus", sadly holding up the puppy's toy octopus, October 2010

• Avyn: "Change sucks!", October 2010

• Sydney: "I love that our family conversations involve quantum physics.", October 2010

• Avyn: "It's harder to fart in jeans.", November 2010

• Avyn: "If we're going to jouvie, it's your fault.", December 2010

• Sydney: "I can't do that right now. I'm nunchucking!", December 2010

• Avyn: "Sydney says Jesus tastes like a wafer.", Feb 2011

• Raj, "The Man is bringing me down.", ca 1980's
Tammy to Raj: "You know, you are now The Man, and you're bringing someone down.", March, 2011

• Sydney: "When I get older, I'm going to get a credit card. And then I'm going to buy a monkey.", March 2011

• Sydney, as we're driving out of the mall parking lot at night: "Um, I sent Avyn to put away the shopping cart...", March 2011

• Avyn: "Man, I love the smell of toxic things!", March 2011

• Tammy, looking at the new kitchen design, "Where are you gonna put the f@$king Nutella?!", April 2011

• Sydney describing a scene from Lord of the Rings, "Bilbo and the seven dwarves beat up this dragon and took its gold.", April 2011

• Tammy: "Avyn, you should shower. Your hair looks dirty."
Avyn: "No, I'm a dirty blonde.", April 2011

• Sydney, "Dad, these teen years are going to be really tough if you freak out at every one of my comments.", May 2011

• Avyn: "I'd rather have more fun than be better.", May, 2011

• Sydney with dark eyes while Tammy withholds something at the kitchen table until asked nicely, "I can think of a lot of 'magic words' right now.", May, 2011

• Tammy: "Welcome to life with you." After Raj complained of struggling to get a groggy Sydney out the door in the morning. May, 2011

• Avyn (after Sydney storms away in teen angst): "I don't want to go thru this for 10 years."
Tammy: "It's only 5 years, and then she moves out."
Avyn: "But, we're at the foot of the mountain, aren't we?"
Tammy: "Yes, we are...", June, 2011

• Avyn, "What are overalls?"
Sydney, "Farmer onesies", June, 2011

• Sydney (in cute baby voice to Alice): "Who's a good dog? Who's a good dog?... not you, but you're pretty." July, 2011

• Avyn: "What's wrong with having a man-purse? It's the only thing I've ever won in a raffle.", July, 2011

• Sydney to Alice: "You're the best puppy in the whoooole house." July, 2011

• Avyn at Dave Matthews concert: "It smells like skunk!", July 2011

• Tammy: "Move me anywhere you want. I'm on wheels.", July, 2011

• Raj: "This damned Byzantium book is causing me physical injury!", July 2011

• Raj: "There's no such thing as having too much love... well... unless you are a creepy stalker or something."
Sydney: Spits chocolate malt across the table. August, 2011

• Avyn: “When I get into middle school, I’m going to get an awesome job, so I can buy a Camaro.”, August, 2011

• Sydney: "This is my Jam!", nearly every song played in 2011.

• Avyn, blowing repeatedly on his birthday cake, "That candle is giving me sass.", August, 2011

• Sydney, "There was no change.", Any time Raj asked for money back, 2011

• Avyn: "No, Dad, we're not making fun of those people. We're making fun of what they believe in.", September 2011

• Doggy day care worker as Raj picks up our Australian Shepherd Alice: "Alice was great today. She made friends with a little Shih Tzu. She kept trying to put the Shih Tzu's whole head in her mouth all day. But, she was gentle about it. It was very cute.", September, 2011

• Avyn: "I started combing my hair with the dog's wire brush, and it did the best job on my hair! Can I start using it now?", September 2011

• Tammy: "Sydney, you shouldn't be gambling with your teacher like that! Next time, be sure to ask for the point spread.", September 2011

• Raj: "Lifting a finger to help this family shouldn't involve so much drama."
Avyn in sinister tone: "I'll lift a finger.", September 2011

• Avyn: "I am Avyn, and I am awesome!", Boy Scout troop introduction, where each boy had to state an attribute of himself, October 2011

• Avyn: "Patience sucks.", October 2011

• Raj: "I've earned this gray hair."
Avyn: "We did most of the work for you.", November 2011

• Tammy to Fenwick High School water polo coach: "Sydney will be great at that sport. She's really mean and she's a great swimmer.", November 2011

• Raj: "Are you kidding?! If I had a time machine, I would go back and meet Jesus, or see dinosaurs. You mean to tell me you would just go back 30 years and invest in Microsoft??"
Avyn confidently: "Yep."
November, 2011

• Avyn to Sydney as she was talking about a school project on her heritage: "Wait, Sydney, you're Asian?!", November 2011

• Sydney: "There were the Jews and the Genitals." January, 2012

• Avyn from the floor: "Ow! Sydney knocked me down for no reason!"
Raj: "You tried to punch her and she blocked you."
Avyn: "I didn't try to punch her. I just stuck my fist out and walked toward her.", January 2012

• Sydney: "I forgot how to frown! Seriously!", February 2012

• Sydney's 8th Grade teacher: "Sydney isn’t smart. She’s crazy robot genius smart.", February 2012

• Sydney: "I'm going to make cookies for all my maternity sisters in college.", February 2012

• Raj: "It's time to go to bed."
Sydney (holding a metal file): "I need a minute. I'm almost done sharpening my ninja stars.", February 2012

• Avyn talking about the days when the babysitter would force him to nap unnecessarily, and he would lie there tracing the outlines of the paintings on his wall: "Ten times around Pooh, then on to Tigger.", March 2012

• Sydney: "Oh my god! I think I just fed the deer poison ivy!!", June 2012

• Tammy: "He's found girls now. He doesn't need MineCraft." - August, 2012

• Tammy (to Avyn): "When you get your license, you're getting the vehicle you need. Sydney's getting a tank, and you're getting a lawn mower.", August 2012

• Sydney (After racing to catch the commuter train from Catholic school): "Thank thine Father in Heaven for track!", August 2012

• Raj: "Avyn, come with me. I need your help for an evil, illegal activity."
  Avyn: "Sigh. Not again.", August, 2012

• Raj on phone: "Hi, Avyn! I'm just testing the number on your new phone!"
 Avyn: "Why don't I test the hang up button?" Disconnect. September 2012

• Sydney: "Hey, Av, can I borrow one of the watches you're wearing?", December 2012

• Alexa during lacrosse practice in a blizzard: "What time is it?"
Sydney: "Hell. It's Hell O'Clock." March, 2013

• Avyn: "With Sydney, it's not 'An eye for an eye.' It's, 'An organ system for an eye'.", April, 2013

• Raj: "I'm not leaving this house, but we need bar soap, gasoline, and food."
Sydney: "zombie apocalypse supplies.", April 2013

• Raj: "If worse comes to worse -"
Tammy: "Worse has come to worse." April 2013

• Sydney: "Do we get air conditioning bills for the car?”, June, 2013

• Raj after eating a lot of junk food: "Now I feel fat, sick and I hate myself."
Sydney jumping into the room: "Now you know what it's like to be a teenage girl!" (then jumping out of the room), June 2013

• Sydney: "I have completed my childhood trifecta!"
( lava lamp, bean bag chair, gumball machine), July, 2013

• Tammy: "If I had a nickel for every dollar I spent on that dog...", July 2013

• Avyn indignantly and loudly at Symphony Center: "What's Yo-Yo Ma?!", October 2013

• Tammy to a voraciously snacking Avyn before dinner: "Wow, you're really hungry, aren't you?"
Avyn: "I haven't had anything to eat since lunch!", Feb 2014

• Avyn spiffily clapping twice, "Let's go! I have laziness to get to." April 2014

• Sydney: "I just got my first paycheck today, and I have to say, the government sucks!", June 2014

• Avyn: "Your attitude is here (hands wide). I want it here (hands narrow).", July 2014

• Tammy: "I'm worried about Sydney being on the motorcycle."
Raj: "Oh, she won't get hurt."
Tammy: "I'm not worried about her getting hurt. I'm worried she'll like it." July 2014

• Sydney, walking into a large financial institution with her summer job money to meet an investment advisor, "I feel like I've gone to the bad side of Mary Poppins." July 2014

• Sydney in sweet, sincere voice: "Mom, what Disney character would I be?"
Tammy instantly, "Jafar."
July 2014

• Tammy, "My tall is taller than yours." July 2014

• Sydney holding up a map: "Is this Europe?"
Raj: "Yep."
Tammy: "It bothers me you didn't know that."
Sydney: "I'm really bad at History."
Raj: "That's Geography."
Sydney: "Same thing."
September, 2014

• Sydney: "With my driving skills and Avyn's money, we're unstoppable!", October 2014

• Tammy, "When the EMP hits, we're using the generator to play my Dave Matthews CD's. After that, y'all can have some food.", November, 2014

• Sydney at a wedding holding a plastic straw near a candle: "Dad, why do you have to be so lame?! I just want to set something on fire.", March 2015

• Sydney:
"Us: Dad, no.
Dad: Dad, Yes!", April 2015

• Avyn responding to Raj from another room while operating his 3D printer, "I can't hear you over the sound of innovation!", May, 2015

• Grandma: "Yeah, we were at the bar with the kids when Avyn told us about that math class." July 2015

• Raj: "Don't stress about it. Just flow around him like water in a river."
Sydney: "He's draining my river." September 2015

• Sydney: "I was trying to decide between wearing shorts and leggings. I decided on leggings, because it felt like my legs were getting two tiny hugs." September 2015