Tammy's First Triathlon! July 2004

After training for months, Tammy finally got to do her first Triathlon! It was something she always wanted to do. She originally hoped merely to finish, but she wound up doing OK. Now she's hooked, and will probably do many more. A triathlon is a race where you first swim (in this case, half a mile), then jump on the bike and ride (in this case 15 miles), then run (in this case about 3.6 miles). Wow! It's a bit different than Raj's weekend goal of sitting on the couch, eating Doritos and drinking Pepsi while watching people do sports on TV.

Tammy got lots of coaching help from our next door neighbor Steve, who is the Bike Master. He taught Tammy important lessons, like how to unsnap from the bike pedals before stopping the bike. Tammy really appreciated this lesson in the race, when another rider, who clearly did NOT have a zen master like Steve helping, stopped her bike, then realized she didn't unsnap her feet from the pedals, and had no choice but to simply tip over and fall. Ugh! Well, we're all very proud of Tam for accomplishing this really amazing feat! Raj asked her to write up her experiences on all this, so check back soon for Tam's own words on this event. In the meantime, here are some photos.

NapervilleTriathlon2004_SwimArea NapervilleTriathlon2004A_BikingAndRunning NapervilleTriathlon2004B_FunnyHat NapervilleTriathlon2004D_TamRunning
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NapervilleTriathlon2004F_AlairysFamily NapervilleTriathlon2004L_TamWithBikeAtFinish NapervilleTriathlon2004M_JeepDrivingHome  
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