Fire Station Open House, October 6, 2004
Every year, the fire station has an open house. The kids got to go thru the fire camper. They got little passports, and got stamps after taking little fire lessons at the various booths. And of course, they got their picture taken with 'Sparky'. Here's some useless, but interesting trivia for you: Avyn asked a fireman why fire stations had a red light on one side, and a green light on the other. The man said it's tradition. Fire boats always had a red light on the port side, and green on the starboard. So, trucks and stations do, too.

FireStationOpenHouse2004A_SafetyTrailer FireStationOpenHouse2004B_KidsEarnPassportStamps FireStationOpenHouse2004C_KidsUsingHose FireStationOpenHouse2004D_AvynSydneyAndSparky