Accenture Chicago Triathlon - August 29, 2004

"It was a mean day in Chicago - air temp 60 degrees (maybe), angry Lake, cloudy sky, strong winds. Having signed myself and my neighbor Steve (my 'client') up in the special Corporate Invitational, they generously slotted us into Wave 1..." click here to read Tammy's full account of the action, in her own words

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ChicagoTriathlon2004A_TammySwimming1 ChicagoTriathlon2004B_TammySwimming2 ChicagoTriathlon2004D_TammySwimming4 ChicagoTriathlon2004F_TammySwimming6
ChicagoTriathlon2004G_TammyAtSwimFinish ChicagoTriathlon2004H_TammyRunningIntoTransition ChicagoTriathlon2004I_BikesInTransition ChicagoTriathlon2004J_SteveMoreauAfterSwim
ChicagoTriathlon2004L1_StandardSceneAtSwim ChicagoTriathlon2004L4_StandardSceneAtSwim ChicagoTriathlon2004M_TammyAndSteveStartingRun ChicagoTriathlon2004N_TammyAndSteveRunning