Camp Jeep Virginia! July 2004

Nearly 3000 Jeeps participated in this year's fun in Virginia. In August, 2004, they are doing the first one in California, and already 1000 Jeeps have pre-registered! It's a lot of fun for the buck. It's about $300 per Jeep, with no limit to how many people are in it. And, of course, you don't pay any airfare on this vacation! We drove all night, 14 hours, while the kids slept most of the way in their carseats. It went smoothly.

For several days, there were tons of kid activites, guest speakers (like famous National Geographic photographers), extreme sports demos, dancing and arts & crafts lessons, activities like rock climbing walls and rope bridges, gaming tents (even a tent to teach you how to be a mix-master DJ), historic Jeep museum tents, contests, Michelle Branch in concert, and let's not forget the off-roading trail rides!

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