Morton Arboretum Race and the play Annie, Oct 3, 2004
Sydney's Brownie troop went to see the play Annie, and got a backstage tour afterward!
Earlier, Tammy participated in a 5K run at the Morton Arboretum. They had a race for the kids, and just for fun, Sydney and Avyn entered. Turns out, they are both FAAAAAST! They both came in third in their races!

AnniePlayOct2004A_Stage AnniePlayOct2004B_AnnieSigningAutographs AnniePlayOct2004E_AnnieSigningAutographForSydney AnniePlayOct2004F_BackstageTour
AnniePlayOct2004G_WigsBackstage AnniePlayOct2004H_BackstageDressingRoom MortonArboretumOct2004A_AvynRacing MortonArboretumOct2004B_AvynFinishingRace
MortonArboretumOct2004C_SydneyStartingRace MortonArboretumOct2004D_SydneyRacing